Decorative Items

Antique Decorative Tiger Sculpture

Very life like sculptured tiger standing on rocks. I think it's been made out of some kind of resin, which has a slight textured finish. I'm not sure of the exact age & I believe it could date from the 1950's period.

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Tim Nicklin 1987 Polybronze Scultpture of Lioness Hunting Antelope

This is a signed sculpture of a Lioness Hunting Antelope by Tim Nicklin & was a limited edition made in 1987. It was signed by him & made out of polybronze. These sculptures were cast in "Polybronze" in editions of twenty only. Polybronze is a composite of polyester resin and bronze metal filings, poured into the mold and allowed to "COLD CURE." Once the original 20 were sold, they would destroy the mould. See Tim's web site for more information.

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Antique Bronze Sculpture of a Lion

Antique bronze sculpture of a lion, which has quite a weathered finish & sits on a wooden base. It has quite a primitive look about it & I would estimate it dates from the 1930-50's period, but it could equally be much older.

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Antique Art Nouveau Bronze Urn

Very decorative large antique urn with some beautiful details & some wonderful shapes. It's very much of the Art Nouveau period in age & design. I'm fairly sure that it's solid bronze & it's very heavy. You can see in the images that there is some rubbing in places on the figures. Please enlarge all of the images to see the amazing details. I would say this vase is French & it will date from around the 1880-90's period.

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